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Analogový syntezátor | HN135146

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The Mopho Keyboard is a compact and affordable—but powerful—monophonic analog synthesizer. The voice architecture is similar to a single voice of the Prophet '08, but with a couple of twists to distinguish it from its award-winning sibling. We have added two sub-octave generators—one per oscillator—for additional girth and crushing basses. It also has an audio input that lets you process external audio and mix Mopho's own audio output back in pre-filter for feedback effects that can range from subtle distortion to extreme skronk. It features the same semi-weighted keyboard action as the Prophet.

The Mopho Keyboard’s voice architecture features two oscillators, two sub-octave generators, selectable 2- or 4-pole low-pass filter, feedback, and a ton of modulation options, including three envelope generators, four LFOs, and a 16 x 4 step sequencer. It has a full-sized, semi-weighted, 32-note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch and full-sized pitch and modulation wheels. The Poly Chain feature enables expanded polyphony using other DSI synths. For example, combining a Mopho Keyboard with a Tetra results in a very portable five-voice poly synth. Other features include USB and the ability to process external audio through Mopho’s filter and VCA.

The Mopho Keyboard is fully programmable and all the parameters are logically arranged for easy access on the front panel. A free editor is also available for Mac OS and Windows to facilitate programming.

The Mopho Keyboard delivers classic analog sound in a remarkably compact package and—perhaps best of all—it's affordable!

Affordable, fully programmable mono synth with a 100% analog signal path.
Classic, real analog sound—including legendary Curtis analog low-pass filter.
Full-sized keys with velocity and aftertouch.
USB connectivity.
Measures approximately 18.65" L x 11.1" W x 3.6" H (47.4 cm x 28.2 cm x 9.1 cm) and weighs under 10 pounds (~4.5 kg).
Free editor for Mac OS and Windows.


Monophonic analog synthesizer
100% analog signal path
Two oscillators capable of producing sawtooth, triangle, saw/triangle, and variable pulse width square waves, with hard sync
One classic Curtis low-pass filter (switchable 2- or 4-pole) with audio rate modulation, self-oscillating in 4-pole mode
Analog VCAs
Three envelope generators (ADSR plus delay)
Two sub-octave generators (one octave down and two octaves down)
Feedback loop with programmable level and gain
White noise generator
4 LFOs
Gated 16 x 4 step sequencer (one sequence per program)
Glide (portamento): separate rates per oscillator
32-note (F to C) semi-weighted keyboard action with velocity and aftertouch
Spring-loaded pitch wheel
Fully programmable with three banks of 128 programs (384 total)
Free downloadable software editor for Mac OS and Windows
Dimensions: approximately 18.65" L x 11.1" W x 3.6" H (47.4 cm x 28.2 cm x 9.1 cm)
Weight: 9.4 lb. (4.25 kg)
Ins and Outs

USB type B receptacle
MIDI In, Out/Thru, and Poly Chain
Audio input: 1/4" unbalanced
Left and Right audio outputs: 1/4" unbalanced
Sustain pedal input
Expression pedal/control voltage (3.3 VDC max.) input
Headphone output: 1/4" stereo phone jack
Includes power supply for 100V – 240V AC operation and operation manual.
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